Official ACO PRO "Players Choice Bags"
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American Cornhole Pro “PlayersChoice” Tournament Series Bags. Twill/Suede resin-filled cornhole bags.

Not going to waste my time describing these bags. Cornhole Bags listed in quality of play: AC Traditional Bags, AC Tailgator “PlayersChoice” Bags, AC Classic “PlayersChoice” Bags. AC Pro “PlayersChoice” are the only bags recognized as ACO Certified for Pro Play.

Benefits to resin vs. corn filled bags.

  • Bugs and rodents less apt to eat</li>
  • Will not mildew like corn filled bags</li>
  • Corn breaks down, resin stays consistent</li>
  • Carnival Cruise uses AC Pro “PlayersChoice” Bags exclusively on all their ships

 Set of 8 Bags (4 Red / 4 Blue) does not include carrying bags


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Official ACO PRO "Players Choice Bags"

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