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The Dealer

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The Dealer
Manufacturer: TBB

Speed rating is approx. 6/8 and reverses sides in humidity.
Stick (herringbone pattern) side: this is a carpet “like” material that plays a little faster than a traditional carpet allowing more forgiveness to the board but still controllable for the cuts, roll and flop shot capability.
Slick (printed) side: this is a good traditional quick material to utilize on slower boards, push through a pile up or go straight to the hole bag for bag with the opponent.
Bag fill: fuller bag than most but extremely hole friendly and flexible comparable to a patch style bag.
TBB Key Bag Highlights: our most proud attribute of this bag is it feels to have a “hole clogging” footprint but plays like butter around the edges of the hole.
Lastly, we added a final touch for flare with a decorative outer stitch to enhance the look of the bag while not disturbing the performance or integrity in any way!

Comes in set of 4 Bags