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Bag Conditioner

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You just waited weeks to get new bags and when they finally arrive, they are stiff… Looking for a way to break them in fast? Well we have exactly what you need. This is a specially formulated product is designed to soften cornhole bag fabrics. Unlike fabric softener, this does not leave a residue or film. It is easy to apply and gives the bags a professional feel. Each 2 oz bottle will relax 8-12 bags, if washed 1 time. Since you plan to buy lots of bags, get 2 bottles and save!

1) Massage a quarter size amount of product into both sides of a dampened bag. Sandwich the bag flat between both hands, while keeping pressure roll the bag from palm to finger tip like you're trying to roll it into a football.

2) Work each bag for at least 2 min to make sure the serum to penetrates

3)rinse with warm water, using the same rolling method, until water runs clear.

4) Repeat step one and two rinse cycle with warm water. For those really stiff bags submerge in water over night.

*Before you dry it's important to make sure you have rinsed the excess product from your bags.

5) Dry method is up to the user. I do not recommend heated drying tumble only or air dry