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Series: Bonnie
Manufacturer: Big D Cornhole

Speed: 5/9

Comparable Bag on the market: Sure Fire

Straight out of the Big D, Bonnie Parker captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe.  Pictures of her smoking a cigar while handling a .38 special were shocking to some and liberating to others.  The original “ride or die,” Bonnie’s poetry conveyed passion, love, loyalty, and injustice.  Her small, bullet-riddled body is buried less than ten miles from where this bag was made.

Summary:  The Bonnie is a copy of one of the most popular bags on the market, and it’s popular for a reason.  It wins games.  The materials are soft and thin, so she is floppy, but the all-disc fill gives the bag a dense and compact feel.   She is as small as a bag can be and she finds the hole.  She pushes and collects as good as or better than any other bag out there.

Control Side: Blend, Speed 5.  Bonnie’s control side has one of the best friction profiles on the market. It has the control you need, but it’s also supple and buttery and goes in the hole when other control sides don’t. 

When the bag is new, the fibers on the control side are compressed from the heat-press, dye-sublimation process.  Thus, the control side plays very fast when it is new.  The fibers need to be opened up by throwing the bag, or rubbing fabric against something, like another bag’s control side.  (Rub two control sides together to decompress the matted-down fibers)

The speed of the control side will drop to a 0 in very humid/sticky conditions.  Having a faster bag like the Bowie in the arsenal during tournaments is recommended.

Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 9.  The fast side is a thin, hole friendly material that should be familiar to players, and is the same as the fast side of a Bowie.  The original Game Changer used this material or a material very similar to it.

Fill: 100% flat discs, non-recycled (virgin) plastic resin.  A bag filled with identical flat discs has an amazing hand feel.  It feels dense and compact.  And around the hole the discs slip over each other and go in.  This fill is very popular with the “pros” for a reason.  It wins games.    

Pattern:  Rounded corners with all dimensions right above or at the legal minimums.  The bag is constructed using a commercial, computer-controlled industrial sewing machine to ensure consistency among the bags, and the corners. 

Break In Procedure:  Soak in water and air dry.  Tumble (no heat) if needed.  Rub the control sides against each other to decompress the fibers.  Hand wash when needed.  Avoid washing machines.  Seriously.  There is no reason whatsoever to put this bag into a washing machine.  Washing machines will damage the material and the stitching. 

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events