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Series: Bowie
Manufacturer: Big D Cornhole

Speed Rating: 6 / 9

Comparable bag on the market: Wizard

  The Bowie V2 takes the original Bowie and adds durability.  The Bowie V2 has a liner that keeps the notorious herringbone carpet in check, and it is double stitched.  Its materials are fast, and the pattern is small, making it slip and fall into the hole more often than other bags.  It’s fast, but the control side has enough grip to keep it on the board in regular conditions.  When the boards start to get sticky later in tournaments, the Bowie’s control side begins to act more like a traditional carpet bag, but it still retains its hole-friendliness.  Players who like a faster, hole-friendly bag, that doesn’t have a lot of kick will like the Bowie, and so will carpet bag players who are looking for a bag to pull out when the boards get sticky.

The Bowie is a perfect addition to a player’s arsenal who likes the Pancho Villa.  If the boards are a little sticky, and Pancho is hanging around the hole and not dropping, or you are getting more kick than you like, it’s time to play the Bowie.  The Pancho and the Bowie have the same fill and a similar pattern, so changing from one to the other is easy.

Control Side: Synthetic Herringbone (aka Carpet), Speed 6-7.  This material is faster than most carpets.  It is hole friendly and does not produce the kick that slower carpets do.  Other bags that use this material, or a material very similar to it are the WTF X-RAY, BG Wizard, and the BG Warlock.

Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 9.  The fast side is a thin, hole friendly material that should be familiar to players.  The original Game Changer used this material or a material very similar to it.

Fill: Non-recycled plastic-resin.  This filler is heavier than most other fills, allowing for a thinner bag that is just above the legal minimum.  The fill is irregularly shaped with both spherical and disc properties.  The irregularity of the shapes promotes an avalanche effect when the bag has a portion of it in the hole.  The fill stays in place and does not move under the fingers when held like other lighter, smaller fills do.

Pattern:  Rounded corners with a shape that is very similar to the TCL Board Bully, but slightly smaller and just above legal minimums.

Break In Procedure:  AVOID HEAT!!! Higher temperatures will damage this bag.  The control side’s synthetic material has thin sections that will be damaged by heat.  Do not boil, and do not use dryer heat.  The recommended break in procedure (besides throwing them) is a hand wash and air dry.  Using a washer and dryer is not recommended.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events

The original series without the II is not available for warranty after 12/31/21