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Series: Clyde
Manufacturer: Big D Cornhole

Speed Rating: 6 / 10

Summary: Clyde is a fast, floppy, and thin bag made for a player who plays the hole for hole game.  The bag has a larger template with a double hourglass shape that helps the bag find the hole after sliding around or bullying blockers.  The bag is a very good bar of soap.

Control Side: Polyester, Speed 7.  This is the “back-side” of a fabric, so it breaks in quite a bit.  This material starts out very fast, but after break-in it can get down to a 6.  In sticky conditions you can still slide it.
Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 10.  Maybe it’s an 11 - Clyde’s fast.  Just get the bag near the hole on this side and it’s almost certainly going in.  It’s fast and it will move in sticky conditions.  
Fill: Non-recycled plastic-resin.  Clyde is thin.  The filler is small and flat.  It’s heavier than many other fills, allowing for a thinner bag.
Pattern:  Large Double Hourglass. There are no straight lines on this bag.  This shape has at least 3 benefits: 1. it provides an ergonomic shape that makes the bag feel good in the hand; 2. bags are easier to collect, and 3. a bag that is off center is more likely to catch the hole.  Clyde’s footprint is larger than all other BigD bags.  The increased surface area provides a little more control, and the bag is more likely to catch the hole on slides that are a little off center.  

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events

The original series without the II is not available for warranty after 12/31/21