Texas Cornhole League

Loan Shark

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Series: Loan Shark
Manufacturer: The Bag Brokers

Speed rating is approx. 4/9 and plays true to itself in all elements.

Stick(solid color unprinted) side: this carpet is definitely unique and something that TCL has not seen yet. New out of the box this carpet is a little firm, but once broken in it allows for all carpet trick shots. Use this bag for blocks, cuts, flops, and roll bags.

Slick (printed) side: this is a quick material that will be very reliable when conditions get tacky/ humid or to stay down the middle of the board right to the hole. This bag will also grab the attention of the general spectator with flare of the outer decorative stitch to enhance the look of the bag while not disturbing the performance or integrity in anyway!

Fill: The fill in this bag is definitely different than any other carpet bag that we have released. The most similar fill in our series line to this bag would be The Collector fill.
Break in method:

In testing we found that the best way to break in this bag is to warm water soak. Proceed to drain the bags of any excess water prior to proceeding to the next step. Then dry on no heat, in a temp tied pillowcase for 1 hour. Fabric softener or other altering methods will cause the bag to not play as intended and will break warranty.

**Comes In a Set of 4**