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Series: Marilyn
Manufacturer: Big Sinner Cornhole

Speed Rating: 6 / 9

Control Side: True Hybrid, Speed 6+.  The control side’s material is a weave of both polyester and “carpet.”  It’s a unique material that is difficult to rate with a single number.  Out of the box it’s fast.  As it breaks in the material slows down.  The material maintains most of its speed when the boards slow down, making it a very good material for big tournaments.
Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 9.  The fast side is a thin, hole friendly material that is the same as the material on the fast side of the BigD Pancho.
Fill: Non-recycled plastic-resin.  The filler is small and flat.  It is heavier than many other fills, allowing for a thinner bag that is just above the legal minimum. 
Pattern:  Large Double Hourglass. Marilyn has curves. There are no straight lines on this bag.  This shape has at least 3 benefits: 1. it provides an ergonomic shape that makes the bag feel good in the hand; 2. the bags are easier to collect, and 3. a bag that is off center is more likely to catch the hole.  Marilyn’s pattern is larger than other bags.  The increased surface area provides a little more control, and the bag is more likely to catch the hole on slides that are a little off center.  

Break In Procedure:  AVOID HEAT!!! Higher temperatures will damage this bag.  The control side’s synthetic material has thin sections that will be damaged by heat.  Do not boil, and do not use dryer heat.  The recommended break in procedure (besides throwing them) is a hand wash and air dry.  Using a washer and dryer is not recommended.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events