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Summary:  The Pancho is a block, flop, cut and roll bag.  Its on the small side with rounded corners, and it’s just a little bit thicker and heavier than the average bag.  It’s designed to dirty up the board and then cut, flop, and roll over itself.  When the push is needed, its fast side is about as fast as it gets.

Control Side: Carpet.  This carpet is on the slow side, but it is still hole friendly after it breaks in. It has a higher friction coefficient than other carpets, so it kicks and is harder to push - and that’s what makes it work for players who like to control the board.

Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 10.  The fast side is thin and fast.  This helps the bag be hole-friendly and push through bags when needed.

Fill: Non-recycled plastic-resin.  One reason Pancho is thicker than some other bags is because he has more filler.  He weighs in over a pound but is still within the legal limits.  The extra weight helps with the blocker bag, and the extra beads give the bag a fuller feel.  The extra fill also creates a slightly rounder bag that helps with the rolls, cuts and flops.  The fill is irregularly shaped with both spherical and disc properties.  The irregularity of the shapes promotes an avalanche effect when the bag has a portion of it in the hole.  The fill stays in place and does not move under the fingers when held like other lighter, smaller fills do.

Pattern:  Rounded corners with sides at the legal minimums for length and width.  The bag is constructed using a commercial, computer-controlled industrial sewing machine to ensure consistency among the bags, and the corners. 

Break In Procedure:  This bag is durable, and you can beat it up if you want to.  The recommended procedure is a hot water soak (not boiling) and a tumble in the dryer.