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Sinner Limited Edition

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Series: Wizard Greed and Legend Lust

Manufacturer: Sinner Cornhole 

Speed Rating Greed: 4/9 

Speed Rating Lust: 5.5/9

Wizard Greed 

The Greed Bag is built for an aggressive player who always wants to find a way to the hole. The slow side is very controllable and allows you to block when needed. The fast side will get through any push you ned it to but is not uncontrollable. 

Legend Lust 

The Lust bag is built to control the boards and play the long game. The slow side is steady and plays through slower conditions allowing players to play the hole for hole game if they wish, but can also block when called for. The fast side is smooth and strong for big pushes. 

Comes in sets of 4

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events

****30 Day Warranty****