Texas Cornhole League

The Collector

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Series: Collector

Manufacturer: The Bag Brokers

Comparable bags: 724 Blood Money 2

Speed rating is approx. 5/9

Stick(printed) side: this is a very soft printed material giving the player blocking power whenever needed.

Slick (printed) side: we stayed true in fabric with the same material as the slick side of the Gambler in order to rely on the speed and pushing capabilities when needed.

TBB Key bag highlights
As with it’s sister bags this bag will also grab the attention of the general spectator with flare of the outer decorative stitch to enhance the look of the bag while not disturbing the performance or integrity in anyway!
The resin fill is a blended mix allowing for the bag to break down nice and lose but still keeping the same template over time. The bag breaks down extremely nice and loves to grab the hole.

Due to a process in fabric production of this bag the slow print colors may vary slightly from the slick side (especially with alternative break in methods such as washing, softeners, etc.).
Heat of any form in break in processes is not recommended for this bag! Break in method that we suggest other than throwing the bag, would be to soak in water and then tumble dry with NO heat.





**Comes In a Set of 4**
Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events