Texas Cornhole League

The Dude

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Series: The Dude
Manufacturer: Big D Cornhole

Speed Rating: 6 / 9

Feel: Full

Pattern: Legal minimum width, above legal minimum thickness

Fill: Blend, majority ball.

Description: This bag is chill.  It's on the faster end of the carpet-bag spectrum, and the speeds are right around a 6/9.  But that's just, like, my opinion man. It is like the Ultra Viper R, but the carpet is not exactly the same.  It has a medium-sized template with a medium volume of filler. It's not too thin, or too fat, and not too small or too big.  The fill is a blend of different round fillers and that helps make it rollable and hole friendly.  Just watch as the bag slowly drips into after rolling over your opponents bags and say, "You see what happens, Larry?!"

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events