Texas Cornhole League

The Warden

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Series: The Warden

Manufacturer: The Bag Brokers

Speed rating is approximately a 4.5/9 and will slow down in humid conditions on the stick side while the slick side remains the same speed through any conditions.

This bag is a dual sided print bag that may have color variations caused from using different materials on each side of the bag.

Stick side: Very controllable stick side on this bag that is becoming more and more popular in the cornhole community. This bag gives the speed of a carpet style material, but gives a little more forgiveness on the boards. This material will not be the easiest to roll/flop, but there will be some playability to still cut and get around bags when needed.

Slick side: This material has been used on our previous series of The Gambler and The Collector, and it is over and over one of the best slick side materials that you could ask for. This material allows you to have a slick side of a bag that will continue to cut through humidity if the boards start to get tacky, and it is also a material that allows you to collect bags with such ease.

This bag will also grab the attention of the general spectator with flare of the outer decorative stitch to enhance the look of the bag while not disturbing the performance or integrity in anyway!

Big Tex Series Approved
Comes in a set of 4