Texas Cornhole League

The Wolf

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Series: Wolf
Manufacturer: The Bag Brokers

Speed rating is approx. 7/9.5 (will slow down on stick side to about a 4.5/5 in humidity)

Stick side: this is a material that is new to the TCL world and possibly even the entire cornhole industry. We have not seen another bag with the same material in production. This material has a very soft feel in the hand, and in normal playing conditions moves up the board very well without any kicking. Once humidity hits, the material does tend to slow down quite a bit, but the template gives the ability to take advantage of the humidity and this is when the bag will cut/move! 

Slick (printed) side: this is also a new material into the TCL scene and has slowly but surely become one of my favorite slick sides. Has enough texture to not lose the bag in your hand, but still has the speed to push through any bag! This material will continue to stay its stock speed even through humidity! 

Fill: The fill in this bag is all flat disc shaped and mimics our gambler fill! 

**Comes In a Set of 4**