Texas Cornhole League

Zeus Max

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Series: Zeus Max
Manufacturer: Olympus

Bag comparison: BG Viking/Zero Gravity Neptune

Speed: 4/6

In Greek mythology Zeus was the highest of the gods. After he and his siblings defeated the Titans, Zeus ruled over the earth and humankind, and soon your Cornhole boards from atop Mount Olympus. His weapon, and symbol is the lightning bolt.

This bag is a control bag, made to flop, cut, roll and muddy up the board. While maintaining its hole-friendliness, it’s also a full bag. Once broken in, you will have a bag that will fall, however never become too floppy.


Break in method:
In testing we found that the best way to break in this bag is to warm water soak for 12 minutes, rotating every 3 minutes. Proceed to drain the bags of any excess water prior to proceeding to the next step. Then dry on no heat, in a temp tied pillowcase for 1 hour. Fabric softener or other altering methods will cause the bag to not play as intended and will break warranty.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events