About TCL Cornhole League

The TCL Cornhole League is the governing body for the sport of CORNHOLE in the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Tired of playing against the same players? Come out and enter a TCL Tournament to play and meet other players around our great state. Get ranked and see who is the true BEST great teams and players. Multiple Divisions like softball (A-E) for a more competitive balance. Over 1200 members in 2017 - 2018 season!

Interested in joining a weekly league night? We multiple league nights across the conference.

Tournaments are broken into two types of events. Signature Series Cup Events (Conference events over a weekend). Regional Tournaments hosted by Local Regional Directors. There can be multiple Regional Tournaments on a given day across TCL.

SEASON IX (2018-2019)

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TCL is the governing body for the sport of cornhole in the Lone Star State and the Southwest area of the United States

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