Texas Cornhole League


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Bag Series: Apollo
Bag Comparison: New to Market  
Bag Speed: 7/9.5

The Apollo is a faster carpet bag on a larger template. This bag was made for those sticky conditions that often occur at the Signature Series events. In testing we found that this carpet cuts through humidity like no other. While still maintaining controllable speeds on normal conditions, this bag is truly perfect for every scenario. This bag has been in testing for several months now, and we feel that it is ready to take the scene by storm.

The carpet on this bag is quite unique. It features a woven pattern that creates a nice soft feeling to the touch. We pre-treat the material, so that the fabric is game ready out of the box! The fast side is the same fast side that is used on every bag out there.

Break in method:
This bag is GAME READY out of the box. We highly recommend just throwing this bag, as the fabric is already pre-treated during the production process. If you truly want to break it in further faster, we recommend a warm water soak ***NOT BOILING*** with an air dry after. Do not use heat as this fabric will shrink. We do not recommend any product use on this fabric. It is a delicate fabric and has a liner just like the herringbone bags on the market currently.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events