Texas Cornhole League


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Series: Elvis
Manufacturer: Big Sinner Cornhole

Speed Rating: 5-6/8

Control Side: Synthetic Herringbone (aka Carpet), Speed 6.  This material is faster than most carpets and will slow down to a 5.  It is hole friendly and does not produce the kick that slower carpets do.  This material is also on the BigD Bowie.
Fast Side: Polyester, Speed 8.  The fast side is a little bit softer than the material used on the BigD Bowie. 
Fill: Non-recycled plastic-resin.  This fill is small and flat.  It’s dense, so the bag is thinner than most. The use of this fill results in a bag that stays true to its line and doesn’t bounce.
Pattern:  Small, but not too small.  When the bag is sewn, low-friction liners are added to both interior walls.  This “silk pocket” adds durability and creates a low-friction environment that helps the fill move into the hole when part of the bag is in it.
Throwing on concrete or other rough surfaces is not recommended because the materials will snag.

Break In Procedure:  AVOID HEAT!!! Higher temperatures will damage this bag.  The control side’s synthetic material has thin sections that will be damaged by heat.  Do not boil, and do not use dryer heat.  The recommended break in procedure (besides throwing them) is a hand wash and air dry.  Using a washer and dryer is not recommended.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events