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Bag Manufacturer: Olympus
Bag Series: Hades

Speed Rating 6/9

Hades is the third and most notable God upon Mt. Olympus. While ruling his brothers Zeus, and Poseidon, Hades was put in charge of the lost souls, thus claiming God of the Underworld. Hades rarely showed his face, due to the nature of his position, thus bearing the title Reaper, or Death Whisperer.

On fast boards these bags aren’t uncontrollable, while on slow boards they tend to ignore humidity and allow you to continue to slide in the hole. The Hades stands out with its ability to collect, wrap around, and melt in the hole like no other bag on the market. If you want a cheater bag, then this bag is for you. You won’t be disappointed as your bags never fail to find the hole.

We recommend throwing these bags to break them in. Out of the box, they tend to be more loose than most, allowing you to throw them without the stiffness a carpet bag would give you. Bag altering products will ruin this bag. Hair conditioner, Fabric softener, etc will make it unplayable floppy. If you would like to loosen the bag more without natural break-in methods, we recommend tumble drying with a set of towels on low-no heat for 1 hour.

Available in 2 colorways the Magma (orange) and Acid Rain (Green)

Comes in a Set of 4 Bags

Break in method:
DO NOT BOIL THIS BAG. With the slide side being a more delicate fabric, you run the risk of causing damage to the bag, as well as the print. For this bag we recommend running in the dryer, no-low heat, for NO MORE than 30 minutes. This is just to loosen it a bit, then proceed to throw this bag to break it  in naturally. You will have the best results this way.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events