Texas Cornhole League


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Bag Manufacturer: Olympus Cornhole

Bag Series: Hermes

Bag Speed: 6/9.5

This bag is a dual sided bag, combining all the factors that Luke Anderson wanted in a bag. We worked on this bag for weeks, and made SEVERAL tweaks until we got it just right.

The material on the slow side is treated in way that the speed is truly up to the owner of the set. The speed of the fabric easily manipulated. If you want it slowed down then by just throwing it, roughing up that bottom side material the bag can slow down to be as slow as a 4. While if wanting to speed up; conditioning, shaving, etc can take it from a 6 to a 7-8.

The fill in this bag is a blend, made similar to the Kratos with a slight variation. This bag will play true through slight tilts or wobbles in a throw, however in a skilled hand you can manipulate the bag as if it were your stock, sticky, carpet bag.

The fast side is a slightly thinner fast side allowing it to keep its speed around a 9 regardless of break in.

The template is slightly smaller than the Kratos, but bigger than the Ares/Poseidon. Truly a perfect in between to squeeze into tough spots, but grab those bags on the side of the hole.

**Comes In a Set of 4**

Big Tex Series 
Approved for TCL Events