Texas Cornhole League

The Count

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Series: The Count

Manufacturer: The Bag Brokers 

Speed rating is approx. 5-5.5/9

Stick side: this is a material that has taken off very quickly this season in the carpet bag world. This material is a slightly faster carpet that gives you the ability to play the hole for hole game, but still has the capability of the normal carpet bag trick shots. With the correct form, you can still cut/roll/flop this bag like a standard carpet!


Slick (printed) side: this is also a new material into the cornhole scene and is the same material used on our Wolf series. Has enough texture to not lose the bag in your hand, but still has the speed to push through any bag! This material will continue to stay its stock speed even through humidity!

Fill: The fill in this bag is blended featuring flat disc shaped and small oval! 

**Comes In a Set of 4**